Today Piddinghoe is a quiet picturesque village in the South Downs National Park close to Newhaven.


The tidal river Ouse runs alongside the village and gives PIddinghoe villagers sailing and rowing opportunities as well as beautiful views of the South Downs. It is a fast flowing river and without local knowledge it is easy to get swept out to sea, or up to Lewes, or even marooned in the mud as the tide sweeps in and out.


St. John's church is one of only three round tower churches in Sussex. The cedar tiles were renewed this year and on top is the 'fish' mentioned in Kipling's poem, Sussex:


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I will go north about the shaws

And the deep ghylls that breed


Huge oaks and old, the which we hold

No more than Sussex weed;


Or south where windy Piddinghoe's

Begilded dolphin veers


And red beside wide-bank'ed Ouse

Lie down our Sussex steers.

Piddinghoe also stretches across the C7 up Harping Hill to Hoddern Farm. The etymology of the name 'Harping Hill' can be traced back to the days of the Norman Conquest and you can read about this on the history page thanks to the former village historian Valeria Mellor and some recent contributions.


In its past Piddinghoe has had a whiting works and quarry with coal barges brought up and down the river as well as a quarantine stables up at Hoddern Farm. It now boasts a pheasant shoot, agriculture and sheep farming.

Latest News


Improvements to the Village Hall


For some time villagers have expressed an interest in making more of the village hall. To that end the Parish Council have commissioned Architect Guylee Simmonds to develop some ideas of how that could be achieved. Click here for Guylee's report.



On the residents' wish list from a couple of years ago was improvements to the Village Hall i.e. opening up the main hall and rationalising the kitchen, toilets etc.

The plans of these will be displayed here on the website and also in the Village Hall for all to see.

Please take the time to look at these and if you have any comments, suggestions, preferences, please email our Clerk, Julian at piddinghoepc.gmail.com

The Hall is Piddinghoe's main asset and it will be great to make the best of it which we can afford. Villagers will be kept informed throughout the project and there will be an open meeting before any final decisions are made.

There's a long way to go yet, not least seeking grants. Check out the plans and let us know what you think.


The Villager June 2019


The latest issue of The Villager is available here



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The Phoenix Talking Post team offer a free weekly talking newspaper and magazine for residents of Lewes and District for those who are not able to read unaided.



What we do

Our team of volunteers meet every week at the Phoenix Centre in Lewes to record half an hour of news items, (from the Sussex Express editions), and half an hour of magazine items, (excerpts from stories, poems and other articles).


Who is it for?

Anyone in East Sussex who is not able to read unaided, for whatever reason, is welcome to receive this service. It can be a lifeline for people with sight problems, or other health problems which make it difficult for them to read: to enable them to keep in touch with local issues.


Free of charge!

The recordings are sent our every week on a USB memory stick in a postage-free pouch. By reversing the label on the pouch, the memory stick can be returned to us free of charge when it has been listened to. The audio recordings on the memory stick will play on a PC or laptop, and we are able to provide a media player, also free of charge, to anyone who has not got access to a computer.


How to enrol

Contact us on:

01273 474967 or 07816 203784 or e-mail


New listeners will be contacted by telephone to welcome them to the service, and to find out whether they would like a visit from two of our volunteers, who, if necessary, will deliver the free media player and demonstrate how to play the recordings.

Forthcoming Events




Our next PARISH COUNCIL MEETING will be in the Village Hall on Tuesday 20th August 2019 at 7.30pm.


For the agenda of the meeting and details on all Parish Council meetings please click here.


PPC Draft minutes now available under Parish Council meetings and minutes


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